Release Date September, 2019

Extinguishing the Inferno of Anger

 To everyone’s dismay, we live in a world swarming with people filled with anger, rage and malice. This is due largely in part (speaking of the general population) to people’s unrealistic expectations not being met on some level. These expectations can be about God not fulfilling their prayers as they think He should, parents, children and/or other family members not obliging their needs and/or wants, jobs not going as they had hoped, lack of money, love, support, etc., marriages going awry, singlehood becoming too lonely, society at large and a litany of other reasons. On a more specific scale, there are those who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, raped, tormented, imprisoned and altogether left to die (literally or metaphorically) in a world where their abusers should have protected them. For others, strangers have inflicted such agony upon them in some form or fashion. Honestly, it has become (though it has probably always been since sin entered the world) a very scary and unsafe place to live. We’re constantly hearing on the news of senseless tragedies. Just this past week (April 2019), I heard of an incident in Minnesota at the American Mall where a 24-year-old man randomly grabbed a 5-year-old and threw him over the 3rd level banister. Once apprehended, he commented that he had “severe anger issues”. He had a record of violence in that same mall from whence he had been banned for a year. He had also done thousands of dollars worth of damage in a library there he destroyed computers. After I prayed for the 5-year-old, my mind immediately went to the questions, “Who hurt this man so terribly that he has all this pent up anger and rage? Who will help him? What will be his plight from here?” I understand the world’s issue with so much unbridled hostility as they have no Savior to whom they can cast their cares. What I don’t understand are the so-called Christians who bear the same level of hostility. With social media all the rage (no pun intended), everyone has a platform so as to vent all their frustrations and pick arguments with whomever they disagree. Whether it is against differing races, politics, religions or whatever, people love engaging in turmoil and disputes as social media is a place where their anger can be expressed even if the platform has zero to do with their root issues. People are searching for an outlet. People need a place where they can land their anger because, quite frankly, no one knows what to do with it. People of God should be different – the Bible tells us so. I Peter 2:9 states emphatically, “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” “Why, then,” one may ask, “do so many professing followers of Christ still battle anger, rage, and malice as if God has not made a way in the wilderness?” In this book, I will address a plethora of Scriptures about how to overcome anger, not just suppress it – there is a big difference between the two. The former will incite peace; the latter will ignite an inevitable explosion. Whatever one’s reasoning for anger, rage, and malice, there is a solution for those who seek it. If you are a Christian battling anger, this book may shed some light on the matter and assist your liberty from such anger. If you are not a Christ-follower but are curious as to what the Bible says on the matter, this book may be beneficial to you as well; I pray so for everyone’s sake as anger affects everyone around us, not just us. 


 "In her book, Extinguishing the Inferno of Anger, preacher and intercessor Alexys Wolf challenges every believer to deal with anger before it deals with them. Sure, there are times when anger can be the expression of righteousness but it’s more commonly a sign of emotional immaturity and spiritual bondage. As Alexys says, our anger becomes sinful when it flows from our pride and sense of entitlement.

Extinguishing the Inferno of Anger takes us through many common experiences in which anger is the default response—race relations, politics, religion, and illness to name a few—and brings us to a better way. Like the Old Testament figure Daniel, we can choose to live in faith and peace even in circumstances where everything in us cries out to give into anger. "


Dr. Mike Turner, Senior Pastor

Lexington Baptist Church

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Extinguishing the Inferno of Anger

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