I have read her books here in Africa Kenya and many people have come across her books. They are of great help to the body of Christ. Alexys Wolf is a woman of God and a servant of the Lord full of the Word. ~Pastor Elijah David, Kenya

I've known Alexys V. Wolf the majority of my life and she lives what she teaches! She is a great blessing to so many including myself. Her ministry and her published books are awesome and insightful. I recommend this ministry to anyone looking for a closer walk with the Lord! ~Helen Tanner Melcher, SC


Alexys V. Wolf is an extraordinarily anointed author who has written a life-changing book for the glory of God and for the spiritual growth of mankind. Her most recent book, Wrecked by My Ex, is filled with life-changing truths that will give you light bulb after light bulb moments of conviction, deliverance, forgiveness, growth, healing, hope, joy, and peace. It’s a must-read for the whole world! I saw myself in her book and it has worked on my soul. When I first started reading Wrecked, I almost put the book down and called Minister Wolf to tell her I couldn’t read it. My heart was convicted and heavy, but I kept reading. Wrecked by My Ex has truly helped me and it will help millions of people who want to be set free. It’s like God had Author Wolf choose me to read it so I would know truth and receive healing of past hurts. Chapter One, “A Cautionary Tale,” hit me hard. I saw my son who has behavioral traits like his stepdad because of the abusive environment in which we lived. I saw myself. There are many broken people who need this book. If you have made a bad choice in life that led to you almost dying, marrying the wrong person, abuse, rape, divorce and remarriage, having buried unforgiveness, ministering while wounded, being married to a familiar spirit that touched you inappropriately as a child, dealing with sexual immorality while married or unmarried, painful soul ties, judging people and being judged with the same measure, etc., this book is for you. Please take the time to read through this powerful book! ~ Willa N. Rolen, minister and prophetess

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Alexys on Missions Radio (now Informed Radio) some time back and begin to learn about the ministry of The Fiery Sword. Upon receiving the books she had sent to me, I began reading through these great teaching resources and knew that this is truly an anointed ministry for this time in our world. Her books spoke of the Kingdom of God, Who Holy Spirit is and His function and purpose in our lives, and so much more. This is a wonderful ministry whose heart and soul’s desire is for God’s will to be done in and through her to help encourage others in their walk and the God-given talents and gifts. They truly fulfill this calling and anointing of this ministry. I would encourage all to read Alexys’ books and teachings and to follow her encouraging posts through her social media streams. You will be blessed, encouraged, and challenged in your walk with Jesus Christ. ~Kenneth Mitchell, TX

The Fiery Sword Ministries by Alexys V. Wolf has been transformative to me personally and to countless others from various walks of life. Alexys shares the Kingdom of God with people from many backgrounds. This ministry crosses over races, denominations, political views, and social status. Her books are life-altering to those who have an ear to hear. Her heavenly wisdom is astounding! ~Pamela Scholtes, FL

The Fiery Sword is a wonderful ministry. I love her books because they have so much wisdom in them. I learn things that I didn’t know before and I have been in church all my life – I’m 76. It is so great to read her books and know that they are taken from the Scriptures and she didn’t change anything simply to make sure she didn’t offend anyone. God didn’t spare His words and she doesn’t either. It is so nice to read words in a book that are real and not watered down. She has so much knowledge she shares in her books. I truly hope people will try them and read them. I have read them all and I love them all. I love the book called Looking For God, Volume II. The next one is Learning To Digest The Truth, one in the short series. Then she has a book about what to do if you are single, married, or divorced and starting over, How To Get It Right. These books are great and I hope you will check them out. ~RoseAnn Roth, SC

I have known servant of God Alexys V. Wolf for a while now and her books, especially When All My Strength Has Failed and many others, have been a great blessing and encouragement to me and my family and the Emmanuel Victorious Ministry family that I pastor in Kenya. May the Lord bless the Fiery Sword Ministry in abundance!

~Emmanuel  Oguro, Kenya

I had the opportunity to meet the Fiery Sword woman of God in person 5 years ago (2013) at a sensitive and critical time in my life. What I found amazing was how the Holy Spirit moves and comes forth as Holy Ghost Fire through this true woman of God. She gives it to you straight. The gift that has been given continues to grow and touch God’s people. She’s such a wonderful blessing and inspiration! ~E’lyse Murray, NY

I Love The Fiery Sword Ministries! Alexys has always been such a blessing to me and I praise God daily for her presence in my life. ~ Dorothy Crosby, SC

This ministry has been a blessing to me. Praise be to God. ~Rebecca S. Gray, LA

Mrs. Wolf's book is well-organized and well-researched. She uses much scripture to back up her thesis. She ends each chapter with a prayer. This book's format is a reference guide. I can see many uses for this book. First, the average Christian would greatly benefit from the knowledge between the front and back cover. Secondly, pastors and teachers would find this book a great resource for their lessons. Mrs. Wolf obviously spent much time in research and definitely knows her subject. This is one book Christians do not want to miss. ~ Pastor Darin Godby, KY

I can honestly say that God used the book series, Looking for God, in my own life, before leaving Iraq, to prepare me for things to come. Thank you, Alexys, for allowing the Holy Spirit of God to lead you in your writing, and I’m sure He’ll continue to move through you in the years to come, my friend!!    ~ Eddie Crain, retired, TX

I personally endorse and HIGHLY recommend Sister Wolf's book series, Looking for God.  I have purchased only 1 copy and I should have ordered more! I could NOT put these books down! They are indeed a blessing, a must read to the entire body of Christ!  ~ Apostle Paul Potter, CA

After meeting Alexys many years ago, I have witnessed her turn many, many lives from negativity to positivity with her dedication and Love for Our Lord. Not only does she put His Words and guidance into the books she writes, she gives her testimony of real, everyday struggles in life. And not only tells but shows on a daily basis the difference The Lords Love makes in our lives! Always setting the example of a true walk with The Lord. Paying it forward daily. The Fiery Sword Ministry played a strong role in my walk with The Lord and I am forever grateful. Thank you Alexys for your fellowship, friendship and guidance. Your dedication to our Lord and His Work! ~Annette Caponey, South Carolina

I felt really blessed and enlightened when I read Alexys V. Wolf ’s book, What was God Thinking, Why Adam have to Die. I would recommend it to any new or old Christian. It is a God breathed book in which Alexys was an instrument of the Holy Spirit! Bless you Alexys!    – Debra Finney, KY

This is a great ministry and has helped me a lot over the years. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a closer walk with God. ~Patsy D. Garrison, SC

I am reading it now and let me tell you, I can't put it down! This book makes me reflect on my spiritual self instead of my outward self. God is using Alexys' gift of writing to spread His love and encouragement. I highly recommend buying this book for yourself and to give as a gift. – Patty Preston Desper, AZ

I’ve been reading a book a good friend of mine, Alexys V. Wolf, wrote, What Was God Thinking? Why Adam Had to Die. This is a great book! Without you knowing it, the book gets you walking a little closer with God. I’m sure that is exactly what the author had in mind. Great job Alexys!!  ~ Becky Sutton, SC

"Your will not mine, God" is the underlying message throughout all of Alexys V. Wolf’s books. The one book she wrote When All My Strength Has Failed carried me through open heart surgery and is still carrying me through the recovery period. This book has reached many of our Mended Hearts support group participants, as well as her motivational speeches. God clearly is speaking through Alexys and her works. This is Alexys gift from God which she protects and defends. ~ Joyce Guyton, SC

After reading several of Alexys’ books, I’ve decided that all I need on my book shelves are her three books and my Bible! They have helped me more than all the other books and counseling combined! Her books are a MUST READ! – Pam McKissic, SC

Everyone, try to make it to a book signing or speaking engagement so you can talk with this anointed author.  I’ve been reading and meditating on the chapters in her books for months. The wisdom, honesty, passion and power God blesses to flow through Alexys’ testimony truly challenges and inspires believers on all levels in their Christian walk. It also provides clarity and direction to those still pondering whether or not to surrender their hearts to Christ. Thank you for being courageous enough to suffer for the salvation of others. God bless you my sister in Christ! ~ Michelle N. Rivera, SC